Same – Sex Marriage Is Not About Love

Before you cyber – thump me, just hear me out. A few nights ago, on ‘The Project’, there was a story about an elderly Australian female couple who go married in New Zealand. Of course, on the show, ( I watched the segment on FB), and below the link, an inevitable debate erupted. The usual arguments, both for and against were put forward. Then, a couple of hours later, something came to me… The pro same – sex marriage isn’t about love. Not entirely anyway. It’s about gay, lesbian and other same – sex couples (bisexuals in same – sex relationships, asexuals etc), being viewed both equal under the law and socially as being the equivalent to married heterosexual couples. It’s seen as one less form of discrimination that the LGB people have to face, sometimes on a daily basis. I think the reason why so many heterosexual people have jumped on the ‘pro’ side of the same – sex marriage debate so strongly is because most people know or is close to someone in who is LGB and/ or in a same – sex relationship. These people are connected because a loved one of friend is. I can can hear the arguments already… ‘Marriage is about children. Gays can’t reproduce…’ Look, just save it. Frankly, I’m not keen on having the arguments rehashed. I just wanted to put forward another take on the never – ending same – sex marriage debate

5 comments on “Same – Sex Marriage Is Not About Love

  1. I agree entirely – physical gender is irrelevant in pretty much any other aspect of law so it shouldn’t be relevant here either.

    • saraharnetty says:

      To be honest, I can see both pro and cons of the same – sex martiage argument, which I’ve written about before.

      I was just saying that I think the arguments for go deeper than that.

  2. For me it is a symbol. In the UK, sexual orientation became a matter for anti-discrimination law in 2003, or around then (too lazy to google). And “Civil partnerships”- almost marriage, but not quite. Religious organisations became able to celebrate civil partnerships later, though with some bizarre differences: we could celebrate a marriage in our Quaker meeting house, but not a civil partnership without extensive building work to alter if, because of different safety regulations.

    Marriage is for me a symbol of equality. Great for those who marry, but also for me, though I have no intention to. We are people too. We have done nothing wrong or disgusting.

  3. mattjstead says:

    You, my friend, are correct. And sadly, and I hate “grouping” people so know I am not trying to do so, but the white hetero-sexual man (male) has a problem with that. We have seen it transpire, and a barrage of rhetoric when an issue of equality comes up. It is as if when a group receives equality, the “man” feels as if part of his equality is being given away. We saw the same when women demanded equality, “mixed” marriages wanting equality, and now LGBT groups wanting equality. There is a very self-centered aspect dug deep down into the “main-stream white male politician” that gets wrenched when that aspect is up for grabs…that that aspect is getting chiseled away.

    Just as there are heterosexual marriages that have no love, there can be same-sex marriages that have no love.

    As has been shown on a powerful video you can find on YouTube, the EXACT same arguments used against the LGBT community was used against slavery…women…segregation…and in the end it seems equality always wins (well, to an extent. As we see we still fight racism, sexism, ageism, etc).

    The best way I have found to say it is, “Same-Sex Marriage Is About The RIGHT To Love Who One Wants To.” Simple. Clear.

    • saraharnetty says:

      Matt J Stead, you mentioned ‘white heterosexual men’ being a barrier to equality. What about women who disagree with SSM?

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