Australian women’s magazine “Cleo” has an issue with a story of a 24 – year – old woman who admits that she’s a virgin and is OK with that. I remember when reading about this on Twitter; about being a virgin at twenty – four, and my immediate reaction, was, I admit pessimistic; thinking it was just a virginity – shaming thing.

I was surprised by Cleo’s reply and am pleasantly surprised with the article. The woman, Peta Melrose, 24, is unashamed that she’s never had sex. She stands her ground, not bowing to peer pressure, social expectations or pressure from guys to lose it.l find this very positive.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so cynical, because they have done an article on asexuality before back in 2011, (I think), featuring blogger Johanna Qualmann. They let her tell her story. Unfortunately, no, the article didn’t go into romantic orientations, etc, not her fault, of course. Actually, it was the first time I actually saw asexuality being presented in mainstream media.

5 comments on “Virginity

    • saraharnetty says:

      Very interesting post. Is Jane The Virgin a satire or just a comedy? (haven’t seen it). With your comment on 30 – something’s, if you donb’t mind me asking, have you known anyone who have had found if hard to relate to the opposite sex?

      • Its more of a comedy…you should take a look, its pretty good.

        I know plenty of people that find it hard to relate to the opposite sex. I spent my formative years at a girls-only school, so I myself didn’t interact with guys properly till I went to uni. And its not easy at first, but I think over time, the more you put yourself out there, the easier it gets.

      • saraharnetty says:

        Might look at the comedy online or something (it’s not on where I am as far as I know. You ‘didn’t interact with them (guys) properly’, both platonically and romantically?

      • well both really…on a day to day basis I never really interacted with guys. Had no guy friends or proper boyfriends…just the odd make-out at a club, but nothing meaninful in terms of friendship or romantically.

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