Does ‘Love At First Sight’ Exist?


On ‘Studio 10’ today, the panel was discussing whether ‘love at first sight’ which was sparked by this post Where the author said that when he married his wife 16 years before, it she wasn’t his ‘best friend’ and that love grew over time. He didn’t deny that there was a spark, but he didn’t call it love, I guess.

Interesting point. So, that brings a question, what is love? And when does it start? When the infatuation has died down? I don’t think romantic love/ attraction whatever, can be forced. I think it’s either there, either initially or even later on or it’s not. To tell you the truth, when I first heard about this, I was a bit skeptical because I’ve noticed what a number of same – sex marriage opponents do is, in my opinion, play down the part of attraction often plays and what most people take for granted.

So, where does love start? Is it that lust/ infatuation is often a ‘spark’ but love is a ‘fire’ that develops later?

What do you think?

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