Prejudices Can Actually Be Dangerous


I saw this picture on the zfem blog for the first time and, quite frankly, it scared me. It really exposes a real danger that prejudice and discrimination cause.

2 comments on “Prejudices Can Actually Be Dangerous

  1. One Candle says:

    Yes, it is dangerous. I know someone who witnessed the murder of a homosexual youth by another youth. So tragic. One child is dead, the other is in prison. The shooter claimed the other kid was bullying him (apparently, he was flirting). But to bring a gun to school…

    • saraharnetty says:

      Scary stuff huh? Especially when kids are involvedIn some parts of Australia, when a person is killed (especially a woman or gay man), a defendant can have their sentence reduced from murder to manslaughter if they claim that the victim ‘provoked’ the killer. That’s practically what you described. Scary how such dangerous prejudice can be written into law! I have heard in the past about a call to amend such laws, but I haven’t heard about it for a while, so whether it’s been amended or not, I don’t know.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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