New Term: Aroflux

Aroflux. According to Aromantic Wikia:

Aroflux is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum and is defined as:

  • someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates, but always stays on the aro spectrum (ex. one day you’re demiro, the next day lithro, the next day aro, etc)
  • someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates from experiencing lots of romantic attraction, some romantic attraction & no romantic attraction

Some people who are aroflux feel as if they are alloromantic at times, while other aroflux people don’t feel that way. Aroflux people can be romance – repulsed, romance indifferent/ neutral/ apathetic toward romance, or romance positive. Like with any romantic orientation, aroflux individuals can have any sexual orientation.

Interesting. Makes sense.

2 comments on “New Term: Aroflux

  1. sarah says:

    Can you be aroflux and sex repulsed

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