What Should Ace Day Be All About?

TW: discrimination, corrective rape, general abuse/ verbal, etc.

Today is apparently “Ace Day”. Just read it on Twitter via “Bi and Existing”. So, happy Ace Day to aces/ asexuals/ people on the ace spectrum everywhere!

So what?

I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. But what is Ace Day suppose to mean? I get Asexuality Awareness Week which was last month. It was a sort of awareness/ advocacy thing. Got that. All good and well. But what’s the purpose of “Ace Day”? I’m genuinely curious.

Is it a day to raise awareness of a lack of education about asexuality?

About discrimination and ignorance that asexual people can receive by health professionals?

To raise awareness and fight against corrective rape?

To raise awareness about the emotional distress that asexuals can feel when feeling “broken” because they don’t know why they feel (or don’t feel) the way they do?

The thing is, I don’t think there is a point of having an Ace Day unless it stands for something. So, what does it stand for?


What does Ace Day mean to you?

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