Contrast of Two Videos on Asexuality

I just saw two Youtube clips in an Asexuality group on Facebook, by one Youtuber (Arielle, apparently her name is). Anyway, see the contrast.


This video isn’t half bad. Most of it is pretty accurate, which is great. The only thing I’ll add is that she said that asexuality is (or at least should be) considered part of the LGBTQ+ community. I’ve written about this before and have discussed it on Facebook; not all asexuals feel apart of the LGBT+ community. I’ve even had people tell me on my blog that they thought their struggles as an aseexual were different than those of the LGBT+ community. Anyway, part from that, very good, fairly informative video.


Now, look at another video by the same Youtuber, but this time with a friend of hers – a so – called “therapist”




Completely ignorant. Well, OK, maybe it’s a bit harsh. Let me explain.

In this video Arielle and the “therapist” talks about lack of sex drive. They talk about things like medication, depression, being gay and not knowing it, and so on. The problem was that they mistakenly said that people were asexuals because they lose their sex drive because of depression, or are on medication. Ummm, no. Most people who identify as asexual have experienced a lack of SEXUAL ATTRACTION from the onset of puberty onwards, just like someone who’s gay has generally experienced sexual attraction to the same – sex since then onwards. Most, (especially older asexuals), probably didn’t know at the time that they were asexual because of a lack of education and information available at the time, but, generally speaking, most people who identify as asexual realise their lack of sexual attraction fairly early on. Like anything, there are exceptions.

Two videos, from the same Youtuber, one well – informed, one very, very ill – informed.

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