Asexuals, Bisexuals, Pansexuals and LGB Language

I was reading a post  on the blog ‘Tge Querrness’about ‘political lesbianism’ and why it’s a flawed concept. I  found a particular part quite interesting:

Lesbian is a term for gay women bi women and pan women lay claim to because it is a term that is used to assert whatone’s sexuality is

Now I’m not here to be some language police. But I’m curious, how many bi or pan women describe themselves as ‘lesbians’ even if they are in a woman/ woman relationship?

I have seen terms kike ‘gay asexual’ and ‘asexual kesbians’ being used on social media, but not in rekation to bi or oan women.


Question to those who identify as bi, do you ever use the term gay/ lesbian to describe yourself or your relationship/s?

2 comments on “Asexuals, Bisexuals, Pansexuals and LGB Language

  1. No, I do not. My activities with my gf may be lesbian in nature, but I am most definitely bisexual.

    On the rare occasion, particularly when I was disclosing my orientation to family members age 70+, I referred to myself as gay because that was a term they immediately understood.

    My presentation is butch, so I am typically misread as lesbian which is understandable to a certain degree. But once I’ve corrected someone about that, they’d damn well better refer to me as bi for the rest of ever.

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