Dear same – sex marriage supporters, hate will not help your cause

The Equal Marriage Rights Australia page on Facebook too often resorts to nastiness, especially against those who are publicly or otherwise against same – sex marriage. I saw an example of it today.

This is NOT how to win a debate – or hearts on an issue that most people have strong views about. Resorting to abusive tactics you claim to condemn, frankly, are more likely to scare people away from supporting the cause. In one of his articles, ‘The Spectator’ columnist Rowan Dean has expressed just that. A commenter on Mamamia’s Facebook page expressed the same on a story about a same – sex wedding in Brazil.

I get the anger and the frustration. I understand, at least in part, of the inner struggles and fears faced by the LGBTQ+ community when contemplating whether or not to come out to friends and family. I have written tirelessly about the issues that the wider LGBTQ+ community face. I know that members of the LGBTQ+ community have been harrassed, bullied, been kicked out of home, been rejected or betrayed by members of faith communities, have been at risk or, been victims of physical and/ or sexual violence. That’s why the LGBTQ+ community need our allies. We need people to support us.


Whether people like it or not, a plebiscite on the issue is most likely going to happen either late this year or next year here in Australia. Currently, according to Nine, a recent poll indicates that nearly 60% of people support same – sex marriage, while 37% oppose. A number of other polls raise similar figures. Due to conservative views that a number of Australians hold, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pro side was even a little bit less. That’s why if we want same – sex marriage to be legalised in Australia, we can’t afford to lose supporters. But we will, if we don’t stop demonising opponents, and, in turn, shrinking tge support base further.


Last year, Newscorp columnist, Andrew Bolt pleaded for same – sex marriage propnents to show ‘love’ to conservatives, when he admitted that it was most likely that the same – sex marriage was likely to haplen soon. I don’t agree with his argument on same – sex marriage, but on that point he’s right. Antagonism will only drive people away. To rephrase the hashtag that lit up on Twitter and Facebook in the aftermath of the Obgerfell vs. Hodges case that led to the historic SCOTUS ruling, making same – sex marriage law nationwide in 2015 – love won’t win – if it results in further division.

2 comments on “Dear same – sex marriage supporters, hate will not help your cause

  1. paulbern77 says:

    Reblogged this on The 99% Blog and commented:
    Although I see same-sex marriage as a side issue, many other practicing Christians do not. This posting sums it up nicely….

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