Open letter to my LGBT friends and family

To all my LGBT friends and family,

The next few months probably won’t be a walk in the park. Things are almost certainly going to be said, things that may be (even unintentionally) hurtful. You may feel like the reason for your very existence and that of your relationships are coming under scrutiny. You may feel like you’re 15 again – afraid and isolated. I know at least in part, what that feels like. Yet, I know that I can only relate to a limit. I have never felt physically under threat for my orientation. While I can relate to self – loathing, I can’t fully appreciate the fear that you may have felt over the years.

I write this to you wishing I could give you a massive hug. I want to be there for you. And I promise that I’ll fight against any hate you or other LGBTQ+ people may get. One piece of good news is that Paul Murray of Sky News Australia, has made a public promise that he – a straight married man – will call out homophobia when he hears/ sees it. I think that should be applauded. I also hope that others will follow suit.

I wish safety to you, your partners and other loved ones. I hope that your friends and family gather around and support you when you feel like it all gets too much. I hope these words will be seen as an encouragement to you that you are not alone. I can’t be with you physically (for the most part), but you are all in my thoughts and heart.

I love you and I want no harm to happen to you. I hope that you remain strong and, most importantly, safe – both physically and emotionally. Together, we can get through this – maybe not always going forward, maybe with a few tears on the way, but we’ll get there.


Stay strong. Stay safe. Reach out when you need to.


For help, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, Beyond Blue here..



4 comments on “Open letter to my LGBT friends and family

  1. Why the next few months particularly?

    • S. says:

      In Australia next year, we’re having a same – sex marriage plebiscite and opponents of it say that the LGBTQ+ community may be affected. It’s something I don’t doubt. However, if it gets blocked by Labor, then it probably won’t happen until 2019. I just wrote to the LGBTQ+ not to lose heart and if things do turn narky, there are people there who care. 🙂

      • Thank you. That is risky. However, it went really well in Ireland!

      • S. says:

        Yeah, I guess. There’s a few differences. One, the Australian vote (if it goes ahead- it’s still up in the air), everyone will have to vote;in Ireland, it wasn’t compulsory. Secondly – and this is what people are worried about – the politicians don’t have go with it – they can chokse to refuse to make the change. That’d probably be political suicide, but still. I read in a news blog that it’s most likely going to be blocked in the Senate anyway. Whether it’ll be left until 2019 after the next Federal election, a delayed public vote, or whether a Parliament vote will go ahead – despite the fact that conservatives will hit the roof, we’ll just have to see.

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