Stop the abuse!

Christian groups have cancelled a meeting at an Accor hotel after they received threats of violence from same – sex marriage advocates.

Shame on those protesters! You are a disgrace to the cause. You are doing NOTHING to help te LGBTQ+ community – in fact, it’ll more than likely backfire and the cause will be lost.

To those who made staff and guests feel threatened, you are a disgrace. You are a digrace to the cause and the wider LGBTQ+ community.

You may feel like you win by beating people into submission, but you are not doing ANYONE any favours, especially the people you claim to be fighting for. Argue with figures, statistics, personal syories – and no, I don’t mean a poster child you can essentially exploit for your for your own political gain. Frankly, if same – sex marriage can’t use what I pointed out, then maybe thexpro side of the argument is weaker than what I thought.


I’ve got to say that I do applaud Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton for keeping his cool, despite making controversial comments earlier this year. I’ve seen him on ‘ABC’s Q and A’ a few times, and he has kept his composure quite well, even under pressure from other panelists and host Tony Jones.


Can everyone just step back and think about what this is about. Love? LGBTQ+ people being treated as equals – both under the law and by society in general? That LGBTQ+ youth will be able to be who they are without fear of rejection or abuse?

4 comments on “Stop the abuse!

  1. Ash says:

    I think it’s ridiculous they want EVERYONE to accept them. Seriously, the reality of life is we get rejected by people all the time… I think they should just fight for a law that protects their interest… a law that allows them to be legally married, and be protected from abuse… That way we strike a balance.

    Because in a way, forcing other people to accept what they believe is morally wrong… is essentially violating their human rights. The LGBTQ+ should fight the law, not people…

    • S. says:

      I get what your saying. I just think that millitant LGBTQ+ activists are going about it the wrong way. You talk about how it’s life that not everyone will like/ accept them. My fear is that if they keep carrying on, the LGBTQ+ community won’t have any allies left because they’d just be over it.

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