Should the LGBTQ+ community be concerned about Donald Trump?

Watchin  the video below, you’d think that the American LGBTQ+ community has nothing to worry about when Donald Trump becomes US President from next year.

While I get Paul Joseph Watson’s critique, I do think that people do have a right to be concerned, not just about marriage rights, but – among other things – anti – discrimination protections introduced by Barack Obama.

If Trump is for LGBTQ protections, then all power to him. But that does not sooth the fears of LGBTQ+ community, especially when his Vice President, Mike Pence and other Republicans have a reputation of being opponents of LGBTQ rights. Pence himself has been knlwn to advocate for the highly criticised conversion therapy. I, for one will be hoping that all legal rights will stay in tact for LGBTQ Americans.

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