Naked Dating

So, tonight, I saw the start of a new reality show ‘Naked Dating’. Basic premise, people on an island (I think) or something. They have a bunch of people to choose from to date… naked. Like really? May I ask why?

Chemistry on Screen

Most week nights, I watch ‘Neighbours’ during breaks on ‘The Project’. Tonight, when I was watching the show, it occurred to me just how weird I think sexual chemistry actually is when I see it on screen. Is it because I’m asexual of is it just my personality?

Since I was about in Year Ten, I got really into getting meanings out of movies (when I actually watch one from start to finish which isn’t very often any more), music lyrics and TV shows. Maybe that’s why I don’t get ‘on – screen chemistry’. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about people going at it. I’m talking about the tension that characters have in most movies and TV shows. Actually, sometimes, it’s annoying because it’s often so obvious what’s going on. Man, get to it already and get it over with!!

Sometimes, it just reminds me how alienated I felt in my latter years at high school (except for the very last year), and even in my early twenties, how I felt when those topics came up (which luckily wasn’t very often). I don’t stress too much about it. I’m over it. I know why I feel apathetic.

In a strange way, maybe that’s the personal meanings I get out of those shows and movies, and in a way, maybe why I can actually be draw pawn to them – because they cement even further how I identify. It makes it clearer to me that things haven’t changed and aren’t going to any time soon. And I guess I’m becoming OK with that.

To people who identify as asexual, how do you feel when you see chemistry on – screen?

Refreshing Film

Last night, I watched the end of American Pie: Book of love. Basically, the plot line is three young guys, Rob, Marshall and Kevin find a book called “The Book of Love” (a.k.a “The Bible”), written by Mr. Leaven stein in their high school’s library. Rob, Kevin and Marshall are desperate to lose their virginities and finally get in contact with Levenstein. Anyway, to cut a long story short, with a number of misadventures and mistakes, the boys learn that they have to respect the the girls they want, including respecting boundaries that are put in place by the women.

What I found refreshing about this film, among all the smut, was that sexism and the objectifying of women was actually frowned upon by the end of the film. The guys were eventually admonished, to treat the women they are interested in.

To me, that is a great message to tell young people. Also another great message from the film is that people should stand their ground with a potential partner and ┬áhave that respected or the relationship, frankly, isn’t worth it.

This film has a great message for young men and women. For people of any orientation, you have a right to be heard and a right to put boundaries to be put in place and have them respected. For the American Pie team, I say, kudos to you!

For those who have seen it, what did you think?


Last night, I watched a TV show that I used to watch almost religiously, but haven’t really watched the last year or two; Glee. What I used to live about the show was the topic of self acceptance really hit me. It almost made me glad that I am who I am, even before I knew for sure I was asexual.

i did realise last night that sex is a prominent theme in the show. Frankly, I even thought that last night’s episode should’ve been rated M rather than just PG. It didn’t offend me, it was just surprising how far I thought they went.

My favourite episode of all time is probably the Lady Gaga episode when Fynn (played by the late Corey Monteith), and Kurt were about to become step brothers It bought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it.

The theme of self acceptance really hits me. I’d be lying if I said I was completely there, but I’m getting there, I think.

And most of the music in it is great too.