My Own Experiences Writing About Asexuality

I’ve been writing this blog for a bit over a year and a half now. I don’t know what I intended to do when I started, create conversation, sort myself out… something like that. Now, my main aim for my blog (this one anyway), is to (hopefully) create more visibility on asexuality, how it relates to the society, discrimination against asexual and LGBT people and other topics.

As time goes on, I’m able to write, what I think about more controversial topics, for example like LGBT+ discrimination and the relationship between sexuality and Christianity. I’ve been able to do so without much problem… so far (my most controversial one to date was about a petition on condemning a mental health organisation for “promoting and encouraging” homosexuality, which, I stated was, frankly ridiculous and I stated why).

Anyhow, I survived that. Lately,┬ámy big thing is to make sure that any links I try to post work. Also, I’m wary about making sure I’m careful when referring to other bloggers. One of my posts about asexuality and pop culture was a mess and I think I (unintentionally) caused offence. I try not to! Honest.

What about the future? I’ll keep blogging. I’ll put down anything that comes to my head. OK, that’s kind of a lie… I’ll post things that are in my head that I feel comfortable posting and something that will (hopefully) not cause World War 3!