‘Purity’ and Celibacy vs. Sex: My Take on the Christian Debate

There has been a shift among some Christians, not just on issues like gay marriage, but sexuality as a whole. In the US, there seems to be a bit of a backlash against the purity movement and a move of opinion in some circles as to whether sex is solely meant to be dons in a legal marriage. Here’s what I believe on the issue.

I think the problem with the purity movement and Evangelical, as well as Catholic circles is that ‘purity’ has been translated to mean, ‘be asexual until your married’. Furthermore, in a number of youth groups, the cloud of ‘sex’ and ‘lust’ is essentially put over kids’ heads and they’re expected to ignore it. How’s that suppose to work, exactly? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get boys and girls to talk about respect in general? Talk about a wider scope of male – female relationships? Telling people just to ‘wait until marriage’ just seems to be not working.


I want to shout a warning to the far Left of Christian circles – please, please don’t make people feel like people HAVE to have sex. Please don’t feed more pressure to people, just on the other end of the spectrum. (By the way, I want to acknowledge the creator of the blog ‘Chrch and Sex’ for creating a post acknowledging asexuality – thank you). If people truly believe that they are to remain celibate or wait until marriage, then those people need to be accepted and encouraged by Christians, not criticised.


My overall view is that it’s not up to everyone else on whether people should have sex or not. Acknowledge your sexuality, yes, feel pressured to act out sexually, no. I truly believe that people. Christians and non – Christians should live by their convictions. Telling people that they should have sex is as flawed as forcing people to remain celibate. That’s my take on it.

What do you think?

Why Are So Many Asexuals Atheist?

I’ve just read two blog posts from two asexual bloggers who describe themselves as atheists. One blog (The Asexual Agenda) posted that 23% of asexual people claim to be atheist. I wonder why that is? I understand that asexuals come from theistic backgrounds (myself included), but atheism seems to be a bit over represented in my view.

As a Christian, I have never really had any problem with other Christians surrounding asexuality. Then again, it never gets bought up in conversation, and if subjects like sexuality come up, I have tended to go with the flow. Interestingly, since posts have appeared on my Facebook page, there hasn’t been any backlash against me from any of my friends.

Who does have a religious background? If you’re asexual, how does that affect the way you view your asexuality? For those who are atheists, what do you think?