One Reason Why I Never Made My Deb

I’ve been thinking about the post I made a few days ago “Why Does Sexuality Affect Everything?” and it got me thinking of the fact that I didn’t make my Debutante when I was sixteen and why. The truth is, I think the heteronormative nature of the event scared me off. Would have I been more comfortable if members of the same – sex could of it together? At that time, probably not.

2005 was a roller coaster year for me. That was when I realised that I was different in that regard, and for about three or four years, it created a lot of turmoil for me. I deliberately tried to avoid everything to do with sexuality. I shut myself down from any conversation. I’d let people talk about it if they wanted to, but frankly, I think it was quite easy to see when I became uncomfortable.

Do I regret not doing my Deb? Not really. It just wasn’t for me. I’ve got nothing against other people doing it, it’s just not for me.

What do you all think? Did you do your Deb. If not, why?