Celibate and Still in A Relationship?

Since the collapse of “ex – gay minstries” in the US and Australia, the conversation about gays and Christianity have started to shift. Instead of talking about “changing” one’s sexuailty, the emphasis has been on whether Christians who identify as gay should remain celibate. I have argued before that I think there should be support and respect for people who choose to be celibate because of religious conviction. One question – does remaining celibate, particularly for religious reasons, means remaining single?

As an asexual, it’s easy for me to say,  “OF COURSE it’s possible to have a romantic relationship and not have sex!”, but I understand for people who are allosexual (people who are not asexual), it may not be so clear cut. Should people who choose to be celibate remain single to avoid “temptation” or is it possible for them to have a romantic relationship anyway?


So, I’m genuinely curious about this. If someone remains celibate (especially for faith reasons), should that person remain single or can they enter a non – sexual but romantic relationship?