Misandry Should Be Condemned As Much As Misogyny

WARNING: this post mentions domestic violence and abuse. If this is triggering for you, proceed with caution. 


There is a hashtag trend apparently floating around Reddit #EndFathersDay (according to Twitchy.com). According to the blogger, it was meant to be a parody, I’m guessing of the hashtag #YesAllWomen on Twitter. If it’s meant to be satirical, frankly, I don’t find it funny, and if it isn’t, it’s atrocious.

Firstly, hate campaigns, including misandry are just cheap. In my honest opinion, it takes away from the issue of violence against women, rather than successfully condemning it.

Secondly, what about men who have been abused, either as adults or children? Shouldn’t they have a voice as well as female victims? Statistically, as I understand, the majority of domestic violence in the West is perpetrated by men and the majority of victims are girls and women. But there are men who have been or are victims of abuse and, like female victims, their voices should be heard. Recently in the UK, there was a social experiment where they had a man and a woman having a physical altercation. When the woman was being hit and shoved, onlookers rightfully intervened and the man was rebuked. However, when the tables were turned and the man was being physically assaulted by the woman, no one intervened and some people were even amused rather than horrified. I just habpve to ask ‘why?’.

One theory I have is that we have had a warped sense of what is ‘masculinity’ for too long. That has bred indifference, as well as hatred of men in the West.men can’t be victims, only perpetrators of violence. This warped vision of masculinity has also affected the way women want to be perceived because they wasn’t to reject the notion of feminity, but also adopting “masculine” traits that society condemns when exercised by men. Why can’t those traits be condemned outright for both men and women?

Please note, I am in no way defending violence agai st women or watering down it’s prevalence or impact. What I’m arguing is that misandry shouldn’t be tolerated, like misogyny and violence against women should not be tolerated. If we want gender equality, we need to work together, not against each other. I’ve argued before that reverse discrimination doesn’t help anyone, neither does division (see “Elitism Shouldn’t Be Encouraged By Anyone”). Two wrongs don’t make a right.