Respect Please!

Note to all the non – aces out there – if someone you know has told you that they’re asexual PLEASE show respect toward them. You don’t have to ‘get it’ , just respect you’re friend/ partner/ relative who has told you that they’re asexual. I’m lucky ┬áthat identifying as asexual hasn’t stirred too much drama, but not everybody is so lucky.


We Should Be Open For Queries And Expect Questions, But We Deserve Respect

On “The Project” before, they did a story on asexuality. I was chuffed when I heard about it initially. However, I found the end offensive when one of the panellists scoffed and said it was “ridiculous” that people identified as asexual.

On the up side, I’m glad that asexuality is being discussed in the media and most of the coverage is quite good (albeit bit too brief), however, tonight on “The Project”, I was quite offended by of some of the disrespect on the panel. There is no need for it for anyone, regardless of orientation or anything else.

I think the asexual community need to be open to questions and even, to some extent, mistaken assumptions. Like I’ve said before, there has been a lack of exposure and research into asexuality until recently (as opposed to other sexualities), and like I’ve said, the asexual community hasn’t had the same political struggles as the LGBT. However, I found out tonight, we need to fight for respect, at least sometimes.

On the flip side, I just browsed both Facebook and Twitter and I was touched by most of the comments supporting asexual people and the fact that most people actually did acknowledge that it was a genuine orientation and the calls for it to be respected.

Did anyone else in Australia see the segment? What did you think?