Rights… For Asexuals

in the gay marriage debate, the issue of personal ‘rights’ comes up. Of course, the rights of the proposing and opposing side tend to butt heads. Frankly, sometimes I wonder whether people from both sides of the debate want their rights at all costs, no matter how high. Some rights I’m talking about are free speech, freedom of conscience versus marriage equality proponents arguing for same – sex couples to have full legal rights of married couples, often including the custody of children (although I’ve argued on Facebook that IVF for lesbians ANC gay adoption and fostering is already legal in some areas in Australia).

I want to turn to a different topic for a biypt and talk about the rights of Asexual. Now most of these rights are more social than legal, but I want to list them anyway.

  • For all people who identify as asexual to, as much as possible identify as such without fear or negative psychological impact
  • For Asexuals not to be bombarded with deeply personal and/ or offensive questions when revealing their identity
  • To be believed
  • To be able to reject any unwanted sexual or romantic advances without fear of one’s physical or emotional safety
  • For romantic Asexuals to have their relationships not made fun of, ridiculed or considered less than
  • For aromantic Asexuals to not bs insulted for their relationship status (e.g. being called a ‘cat lady’ as an insult. No offence to cat lovers)
  • To be treated with respect and professionally by health professionals
  • To be able to become a tenant without prejudice
  • To not be discriminated against in the workplace
  • For young asexual people to not feel alienated in Personal Development classes when sexuality is discussed (that one may take a while)
  • To not be assumed or ‘accused of’ being gay

Not the most exhaustive list, but it’s what I can think of at the moment.

What others can you come up with?