Gay, Lesbian or Bi Bachelor/ Bachelorette?

Last Thursday, I read a post on Mamamia (“It’s Time For a Gay bachelor. Or Bachelorette” – Kate Leavete Thursday, September 4 2014). Now, for the record, I don’t watch The Bachelor at all. Doesn’t interest me at all, frankly. However, I’ve felt compelled to talk out this article.

Now, I know why this conversation has started up, the issue of LGBT equality. I get that. I have some qualms though.

First, one of the commenters said about having a bisexual one and make it one big ‘orgy ‘. Now she was probably being tongue – in – cheek, and I don’t want to condemn her for it. However, I fear that that’s exactly what will end up happening.

Also, another commenter said that they’ll end up just all falling for each other. So they can’t just fall for one person?

I think shows like “The Bachelor” are ridiculously staged. And I don’t think that it paints relationships in a good light because I find the contestants (of at least some of them), too two – faced. Frankly, I don’t think it paints relationships well at all.I get why this conversation has come up; LGBT equality as well as more recognition in the media. However, I worry about the representation. Will it just enforce negative stereotypes? I have strongly argued that the LGBT (especially bisexuals), have become fetishised in the media. It’s almost become the ‘rage’, if you like. That’s not what sexual orientation (or gender identity off that matter), is about. It’s a part of what makes up people. It’s not just something that can be switched off on a whim ( I don’t think it can anyway).

I think that most LGBT+ just want to be accepted and feel safe in being who they are. I don’t think that they want their identities (of a part of it anyway).

So, what about an asexual bachelor/ bachelorette? Nah, leave it as it is. Probably won’t watch it anyway.

What do you think?



What Hope Has Anyone Got When We Have Reality TV?

Soon (if it hasn’t started already), reality show “Please Marry My Boy” will be starting on Prime. For those who don’t know what the show’s about, mothers of men ranging from about 20’s to 40’s play ” matchmaker” if you will, to try and find their sons suitable wives. ¬†Then, I guess, the men have the last say and form a relationships with, I guess, whoever they fall in love with.

Thing is, both the men, and especially the women, are ridiculously attractive. Sure, the mothers talk about values, compatibility, etc but, let’s face it, looks play a MAJOR role in the show.

Now, I’ve said before that for most people, physical attraction plays a big part in how people choose mates, but our society and the media have gone totally nuts! How is society and the media suppose to demonstrate concern ¬†about eating disorders and poor self image and still advertise impossible beauty for both men and women?

Another problem I have about reality shows is how they portray how men and women relate to each other. Sure, it all looks sweet and respectful, but is respect really there? Last year, the Australian season of “The Bachelor” came under fire because one of the contestants accused the bachelor Tim (please forgive me, no idea of his last name. Feel free to tell me if you know), of dragging the girls along when he already knew who he was in love with anyway. One could argue that the former contestant was just jealous, but I think it does raise a serious question: how many people get emotionally hurt throughout these shows and what does that say about relationships? How does that inform the public how to relate to each other, especially in intimate relationships? Is honesty and care somewhat compromised?

i’m saying these things to sound like a bitter bag, seriously, I’m not. I just really question the messages that it sends to people and the effect it has on society and young people in particular. Feel free to add any thoughts you have.